MattyD 4Truth Addressing the 153news Crew/Channels

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I just wanted to say a few things here to those on here before I start uploading my news videos and coverage.

I'm thanking Jason here, I'm also explaining to you all here what I said/promised to Jason when I reached out to him recently so you are all in the loop of that promise. I've recently been terminated without any infractions on liveleak for covering the Pittsburgh staged shooting and exposing the HIAS Jesuit Order connection 2 days ago as well.
I will be uploading a few videos that were removed from liveleak over the next several days as well as videos I just made about the Tallahassee Fl staged shooting, the church child sex abuse report cover up and in that as I mentioned in this video, it is going to name drop 2 youtubers (unirock and Montagraph) while showing how youtubers are using pizzagate/pedogate/Qanon for nothing more than making money while covering up real child abuse news/cover ups by these Jesuits/Jews and politicians...example: Brett Kavanaugh (Jesuit educated) Trump (Jesuit educated) Pope Francis, Cardinal McCarrick, Melania Trump and more Jews too who helped in the mainstream media as well as this youtube connection I mentioned...I showed this all about 10 days, the Friday before the fake Synagogue shooting.
I hope nobody takes my word for it and for the most part, I'd deserve that for the past but I hope you'll watch such videos fully, look into what I'm showing/saying for yourself and see the connecting dots and how it always seems to come back to the same group of people behind it all.

thanks everyone and I hope with time you'll see what I'm saying is genuine and not targeting anyone at all and just want to do my part in showing these types of cover ups going on today in our news outlets while redeeming myself to YOU ALL.


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