DNC-MSD ACTORVIST Brandon Dasent Amos

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ANOTHER Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivor that is an entertainer. One of the small handful of MSD kids that are either entertainers, media hacks/writers, or Govt Ties. Wow! Out of those small handful of kids, how could they ALL fall into those 3 types!!?? Isn't that a co-inky-dink? (Eye roll).
Brandon has a pretty deep voice for a teenager, so that may be why he's not a voice for the fake news. The self-proclaimed geek needs to bone-up on how to delete his IMbd archive pages if he wants to go under wraps for these fake events, along with his YT videos. While I was uploading this video, I was watching UncleAlice's video on the "Actorvists", so from this point forward any more entertainers will be called Actorvists. Thanks UA!


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