El Paso Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor BUSTED! Edie Hallberg the PERFORMER!

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sigh...what else to expect from a Jew, they're the biggest on record liars of staging fake hate crimes and bullshit........
link to her published acting it matters, Parkland was all Jews, Giffords is a double G married to

link and copy/paste from said link about the debate and all about the Democrats.....sigh...smh:
The Giffords group and March For Our Lives said the forum focused on gun violence will be the first of its kind for presidential hopefuls and will be open to all candidates who meet the Democratic National Committee's polling and fundraising thresholds for the September debate.

The organizations did not yet have details on which candidates would be attending. They have until Aug. 28 to qualify for the September debate.

Guns are a complex issue in Nevada, an early voting state that will be the third in the U.S. to weigh in on the 2020 Democratic field. Firearms and gun culture are popular in the Western swing state, which hosts the gun industry's biggest annual conference and counts Democrats among local gun owners.


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