Sheriffs Deputy Tripp Kester Davidson County. NC - Const Rights - Extras 720

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Sheriffs Deputy Tripp Kester Davidson County NC -Extras

Full video town meeting:

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Sheriff can override Government nonsense laws:

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Very good read. Every Sheriff in the USA should get this book. <<

Send this video and book to YOUR sheriff!

This is one way to do it. SUPPORT LOCAL SHERIFF if He is a GOOD guy!!


>>>>>>> Can you imagine a country where each local sheriff ans his crew were doing the correct things like this man and his crew?
We are NOT the ones who we have been looking for.. as some would have you think.

Those who profess that they are the "ones to fix it all and are a power unto themselves, are in seriously delusion state"
Men will never fix this as history shows.We Await a Savior who is NOT a man, but the Son Of God who will make all things right. Get house in order as these men are doing.


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