Floyd Attorney Says Died 3yrs Ago

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I do NOT know this channel, and I’m not endorsing. I just found it today, and knew the information was pretty good. Channel Mirror Israeli News Live. This attorney states although that guy looks very similar, he was not George Floyd. I can say the same about that alleged cop mug shot! They are similar, but not close enough.

ANYONE LIVING NEAR CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS ATTENTION: I’ve done Ancestry searches for George Floyd in Texas of all my genealogy sites online, but I can only find someone that is the wrong age (over 100). If you live near there, can someone please go to the records office there, and try to confirm this George Floyd death in 2016. You could probably start at the town library and local newspaper search of the obituarys from 2015 thru 2018, and then hit the records office. I would greatly appreciate it! I know LivingOnPlanetZ did some research, but I think they’ve blown away his death records from federal and internet search engines. What they can’t blow away is the newspaper archives (unless they hit that too), but they can’t destroy the county death records without breaking some major laws and involve several other people in the crime.


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