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Friends List many actors thespians drama arts production types

Stem Shooting Devon Erickson's Friends List many actors thespians theatre drama arts types

This Devon guy is big time into acting and theatric arts. Many and I do mean many of the people on his facebook friends list are actors and artists and ones involved in theatrical drama arts. I just ran this screen record that's 12 minutes long with screenomatic. And it's explosive what I recorded, so I had to share it with the world. Enjoy.

With this screen recording showing the details of people on his friends list you can see many are thespians and into the theatrical arts. Bear in mind some of his friends profile pics that don't show that they are into the arts are in fact thespians. I noticed that in another screen record I made of all his pics on his facebook page. And in that one pic in 2015 that he tagged 13 people on from the les miserables show that was taken of himself and a few dozen other actors for the performance, they were all on his friends list but weren't showing as thespians in their profile descriptions but of course they are, since they all were dressed up in costumes. I included that post at the very end of this recording.

Here is my take and analysis on Devon going through his facebook page for hours.

His most recent post he made was when he changed his profile pic 6 months. In the last 2 years his activity is very low with most of his pics being made in years prior to that. Bear in mind unless you are on a persons friends list you will only be shown a limited about of a persons timeline activity.

He is a kid big into acting and a Obama lover/liker and hates christians who dislike gays (even changed his profile pic in the past to be one with gay pride colors, also some of his faceook friends did). A little note I need to add on that issue. The post he made about his dislike of christians views towards gays was made on may 15 2014. So he was 13 years old at the time. Very young and context is needing here, remember what things you wrote when you were 13 before you judge him harshly for it?

Good polite kid in my opinion with nothing that I see that are hallmarks of a shooter, no outburst of profanity in his comments or posts and very short replies to friends comments. I even watched a vid of him playing a video game from years ago that he recorded live on his computer with his friends, and his temperament is well mannered. Devon Erickson has almost an unblemished record, with only “a Feb. 13, 2018, ticket in Douglas County for careless driving,” according to 9News. His family and having connections with them seems very very off to me.

For example he made a post about how he loves his mom and another post saying happy mothers day to the best mother in the world, and his mom or any family member commented back.

Update : His mom dropped her facebook connections with Devon right after the shooting.

Also he had a post about his dad and nothing from any family back. Zilch

And his cousin is on his friends list , lives in Wisconsin . but that's it as far as any family interactions as far as I can see.

Facebook shows a Sister under family details.. But its not the same one he made a post about. He said I love my sister "bri erickson". But there is no bri erickson on his friends list or family list. And no comment or like emoji from a sister or person with that name.

Also he didn't use facebook much it seems. Not much with posts made last year. And i did not find any comments or emojis left on his friends pages from him.

His theatre acting and performances pictures are him a few years younger. So that's why he looks so young in them.

4 years he made a post and was saddened by the death of one of his teachers. That must of had an impact on a young kid.

As far as any bullying seen on his timeline as some in the media are saying. That's BS. The only post that even comes close to it, is one he made in 2014 about how he was being falsely accused in a rumor of making a fake account by others. It's at the 8:50 track mark on this recording if you want to look.

My summary:

So my judgement is he is very recluse and loves theatre and is very distant to any family, except a cousin far away in Wisconsin, he has visited there in 2013

His family connections seems very very week for a young kid. And many of his friends are into theater arts. And not much in happy birthday comments from them either, only one birthday post had 15 out of his 200+ friends gave a thumbs up and 4 made happy bday back comments.The other bday post he made had less interactions. But I guess what can you expect from the fake world of theater drama lovers. I noticed two girls (Ellie Maji another thespian & Beth Bates) frequently did make comments or post emojis on his page and posts, but they seemed to be the exception to the rule for him.

And another important note. I did not see any comments mentions or emojis from Alec/Maya Mckinney (the other accused shooter) that I remember. Even when I looked at Alec's instagram page and no comments or likes from Devon on it. Only one post (the most recent one) had a pic of devon and Alec together, but that's it!!!


My original analysis is what I first saw with Devon. So that analysis is of him being one or 2 years ago and previously.. Now it appears with more research and finding more information, he probably put some of his thespian interests aside and decided to spend more time learning guitar and singing.. And if he hung around alec/maya more in recent months his personality may of changed a little. Ya know the expression of you become like the ones you hang around. And he is more of a calm submissive type and alec and his/her friends seemed more forceful personality types then him from what I saw... so they may of affected him.. it's unknown. I am not sure..

Now about his first appearance court.. well he looked like he was totally freaking out and MAY, not sure have been detoxing from some drugs. If a user goes dry after their body is used to having those drug chemicals they will shake and detox.. he MAY of been that way.. I am not sure?

Another UPDATE:

Devon's second courtroom appearance on 5-15-19 his mood and temperament was much different. He was very calm and held his composure well which is much different than his first appearance.

Last update: With my hundreds of hours reasearch with the stem shooting, it appears only 2 gunshots were fired and 2 flash bang grenades. Both by the police.

Meaning, no kid in that school shot any bullets. NONE

Devon is not a shooter.


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