Jim Fetzer: OTO Satanic Pedophile cult @nswpolice proxies jail Christians without trial in AUS

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Censored from Youtube. Recorded 4/2017 Most embedded videos including Mark Dice's documentary also erased from JewTube by the Synagogue of Satan.
Luke & Jim Fetzer PhD: Alistair Crowley's Satanic Pedophile Cult vs
Christian Soldiers in the High Court of Australia

A video presentation proving on Australian Government letterhead,
Christians are being illegally ordered to pay for their apology for
"vilifying" satanic pedophile cults in newspaper ads or go to jail for
contempt of court. Same applies for those who vilify published & state
media praised Gay Marriage Activists who have have sex with Russian
infants, or be sent to jail for contempt of court for refusing to
capitulate. John Sunol also got a letter last month for not respecting that is clearly a Alex Jones Infowars Confirmed
Satanic pedophile cult. This is what my own father and friend John
Sunol are facing for vilifying the same pedophiles Mark Newton and
Peter Truong. Who is doing this? Gay judges and gay activists without
law degrees who sit on panels as part of the COAT.GOV.AU Tribunals of
Australia: @NCATNSW @VEOHRC @ad_nsw @ACTHumanRights @ACTSupCourt

And who's fighting back? @BernardGaynor & Tess Corbett in the High
Court of Australia! Luke McKee has never solicited money in his 10
years in exile as a UNHCR Confirmed Political refugee from Australia/NZ

Links: Luke McKee youtube channel R.I.P,.
Case Law keywords for or (national)
"Garry Richard Burns" "Gary Burns" "Garry Burns" (serial applicant
uses different names in court over 20 years) "Burns Gaynor" (see 2017
case)"Corbett Burns" "McKee Burns" "Legg Devine" (VIC x4) "CRISTIAN v
BOTTRILL" "Sunol Collier". All cases are equally great travesty of
justice, and the case law is defamatory to the respondents when you
research actually what happened in the courtroom.
TIP: The Filter search results by database feature is very useful on
Austlii if you know what state it's in.


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