Amtrak Hoax - Part 4 - GOP Crash Hoax

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Amtrak Hoax - Part 4 - GOP Crash Hoax - Proof beyond the GoFraudMe accounts, this was another Staged Event! This was a really quick video I threw together to squash out all of the Controlled Opposition Stories from Alex Jones to Laura Loomer making this event look like a real tragedy but done by Democrats or Deep State. Nobody Died, Nobody Injured. This event came on while I was working on Part 4 of the Amtrak Series, but I had to get this one out sooner than later after seeing all of the controlled opposition propaganda. Fox News had given me all of the evidence I needed to prove this was fake news, in just one hour of recording. Sorry my recordings had to come from my TV. I don't have a way to transfer my DVR recordings to Thumb Drives, and there was No Way Fox News would re-play these interviews on their website or YT accounts! So, I apologize if it's not as clean as an original download. I didn't include the part about the Mass Casualty declaration .... for a vehicle being hit by a train, cause I think this is all the proof that's needed to show it's most definitely fake! I wish I had it uploaded sooner, but life gets hectic!


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