NFL Player Promos Vaxx, then gets Whacked

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From: The Covid Blog

A 33-year-old NFL defensive end will miss the entire 2021 season and is likely done playing professional football. Mainstream media, however, are completely censoring the reason why.

Mr. Vinny Curry received one of the experimental mRNA injections sometime this summer. He did a public service announcement promoting and encouraging people to get the “safe, effective” injections. Mr. Curry also confirmed that he received the shots himself in the PSA.
Mr. Curry had his spleen removed in July due to a “rare blood disorder” that suddenly popped up out of nowhere.
New York Jets team doctors said he would still be ready to play football by mid-September despite having his spleen removed.
Your spleen filters blood and recycles old red blood cells. It’s possible to live without your spleen, but your liver, kidneys and other organs must work harder to make up for its absence.

Last week, Mr. Curry updated everyone via Instagram and Twitter. He said doctors also diagnosed him with blood clots, forcing him to take blood thinners for the foreseeable future. Blood clots are common and known post-injection adverse events.

Vinny Curry Twitter statement:

Also: Vaccinated Seattle Seahawks tight end Luke Willson retires
Lost in all the Buffalo drama was another vaccine casualty on the other side of the country.
Seahawks tight end Luke Willson announced on August 25 via Twitter that he was retiring from football.
The 31-year-old cited several days spent in the hospital over the summer due to “pericardial effusion.”



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