Miracle man Noblesville

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JaSON semen, the hero teacher was miraculously healed in just one day to leave the hospital after being SHOT THREE TIMES! (funny how we keep that number). Anyways, he's not just well enough to leave the hospital. He was out and about the following day with Congresswoman Susan Brooks at a totally different Middle School for some reason. Without a sign of any injury, today he was giving a press conference while standing! If you think this isn't a Miracle Man, then I don't know who qualifies! I hope to get another video out on the 2nd shooting at the High School. Which likely explains why I didn't see any Middle School kids in any evacuation pic. Just like Parkland, Santa Fe, Forest HS, and many others, they had more shooting calls at surrounding schools just like they do in all Active Shooter Drills. However, this time, they screwed up and interviewed someone that gave a wrong person that died AND they had it going down at the High School too. They messed up on this one. Just like all shootings, they JUST PRACTICED AN ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILL 3 DAYS PRIOR! Just coincidences all around folks!


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