Boulder CO Shooting ZFG Videography Fraud

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You’d think that the idiot would know the 3 simple letters of HIS OWN COMPANY. A rush job. I wasn’t going to make any more videos on this phony event but I just happened to catch this. There’s one other thing I have to check out to see if he may have SCREWED UP REAL BAD! We’ll see.

This is the strangest video I’ve ever made! I hear the other version where he does say ZFG videography. Then I’ve clicked off, returned to my movie app & hear ZOG Videography. I watched the video again & he clearly says ZOG Videography! Is a spook getting in here & altering the video somehow someway? Sure looks like it! I would NEVER post a video like this unless I was 100% sure I was correct. If the spooks are getting in here & messing with this video ... that’s scary.

If you hear him say "ZFG" Videography, go back to the main page, click the video again and you might hear him say "ZOG" Videography. It’s weird!


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