Neil Young Parody "Sold Man"

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So we have the latest psyop for the sheep starring Neil Young and Joe Rogan. More staged BS for the sheeps consumption.

For those not aware (most), The clown Young, his Buds in Buffalo Springfield, the Mama’s and the Papa’s, Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa and most of the rest of the 60’s hippie crowd, were created by the CIA to cause division in the population, especially the youth. Same as they do with blacks vs whites, and everything else. They have been trying to destroy the American way of life for a long time.

The "Late" Dave McGowan exposed all this (which is why he’s "Late" I’m sure) in his books about Laurel Canyon, California. The information was too explosive for Dave’s own good and he ended up dead.

The parents of all these Hippie Rock stars were all high ranking military, usually connected withe intelligence agencies. A lot of people are aware that Jim Morrisons father was Captain of the ship involved in the Gulf of Tonkin Hoax that started the Viet Nam war.

Just another tid bit of information from my 20,000 hours researching this kind of stuff.


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