Thousand Oaks CA 'Mass Shooting' at Borderline Bar and Grill

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I literally saw it breaking on CNN before 4am est and then at 4am on the dot all other news channels were on this!! their stories did not match each other at all!! the lead officer I saw on CNN was asked "when was the last time a shooting took place?" and he responded exactly like this: "it's been quite some time and this now changes everything"...smh...

seeing the 'victims' being carried, no bullet holes, people running around with no shirts, hundreds still inside, they don't know the shooter status, blah blah blah...I show it all here, I show too the this area called Thousand Oaks was just in the news for the Parkland hoaxers in March...I mean you can't make this stuff up!! other news I saw before this took over:
Trump threatens the house to not investigate him...Trump hold combative news conference, revokes CNN reporter status...Jeff Sessions quits at 'Trump's request' and now Matt Whitaker takes over who can fire Mueller...Trump is racist against blacks and women, back to CNN reporter Acosta and Jeff Mason as well as Andrew Gillum from Fla and Stacey Abrams of GA joining the racism bs on tv...smh, later gang!!


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