Erin Brokovich Firm Joins Lawsuit Against FCC and Telecom Act! - Liz Barris

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Erin Brokovich Firm Joins Lawsuit Against FCC and Telecom Act! Please donate, we can do this!
Oct 3, 2019

Erin Brokovich firm joins in lawsuit to sue FCC over 5G and Telecom Act over health and safety, please donate to this lawsuit in the interest of the public good. Thank you! non profit sponsorship: or if there are any problems with website.

BACK STORY: 5G will be put up right in front of peoples homes, there will be no escape. People are being lied to about the health effects from wireless infrastructure and devices and being involuntarily exposed to the radiation they emit which is a powerful carcinogen, neurotoxin and genetoxin. I am someone who was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer after exposure to cell antennas on a roof near where I lived. I had surgery and that cancer was taken care of, but I have been unable to escape exposure to the radiation and other parts of my body are still reacting to it...I have now become "electrosensitive" (which is totally life changing) but this also can turn into cancer if the person does not remove themselves from the radiation, but where do you go? It's almost impossible to escape now.

The government and wireless industry are basically mandating exposure to a known carcinogen. This HAS to change and this lawsuit will change that. This situation makes asbestos and tobacco look like childs play. Please donate to this lawsuit. We do not take a penny, ALL funds go to the attorneys who have completely slashed their rates. We can do this!! We are going to win this lawsuit. We have the best attorneys in the US representing us.


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