Ukraine - The Just War part 1 - Richard D Hall & Dr Nick Kollerstrom

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all info below. I have downloaded all 4 parts and put 2 parts together in parts one and 2, OMG.

In today’s show Richard gives a brief update on the "disaster troll" hit pieces, which first appeared on the BBC in October 2022. Further hit pieces followed across the majority of the UK’s mainstream media. The media hit pieces were a co-ordinated, but desperate, attempt, by a hidden hand, to undermine Richard D. Hall’s integrity, and thus detract public attention away from the evidence in his book and film : "Manchester : The Night of the Bang".

In the main part of today’s show, Dr Nick Kollerstrom gives an interview about his new book "Ukraine : The Just War". The book provides a timely evaluation of the conflict now engulfing Europe. Who started it and why? Do we get truthful accounts of the conflict in our media? What is the bigger picture?


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