Archiving my last youtube uploads (with intros and outro)

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If you'd like to read thru the comments on these vids please check them out on my Anaconda MaltLiquor 15 YT channel before it is terminated. These are the last three vids I uploaded to the rat infested "book burning" platform. All future AML vids will be uploaded here on 153news only. I haven't looked into any other platforms that I may be able to use yet but I'll inform you if I do. A huge thank you to all the subs at Anaconda MaltLiquor 15 (and the terminated channels too). While YT was fun while it lasted I'm virtually unable to operate a channel on that platform anymore, so that's the end of our wild youtube ride together so again, Thankyou. Hopefully we can recreate something similar here, minus the trolls and dis info pricks. I do not and never have or will, operate a Facebook page or a twitter account, but you are welcome to share my vids on those platforms. You are also welcome to mirror any of my vids or parts thereof if you find it helpful. For now, all my input will be exclusively uploaded to 153news. Thanks.


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