Biden releases JFK Documents Wilhelm Oltmanns/Jim Garrison The New JFK Show #267

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We examine if there is any useful information in the declassified documents? The first half of the show was devoted to exploring the role of Willem Oltmans in the assassination of JFK, where he was an associate (and suspected lover of President Sukarno of Indonesia) and was also close to George De Mohrenschildt, who many suspect to have been Lee Oswald’s handler. In an ironic gesture, Oliver Stone cast him to play De Morenschildt in his film, "JFKI". The duration of the show focused on my letter to Cyril Wecht about Oliver’s "JFK Revisited", which was disappointing to the max, where Cyril has replied that he was only a featured guest and had no role in scripting the film or the choice of topics. Judging from Oliver’s odd interview with Joe Rogan, where he constantly had to refer to his own "script" (whereas in the past, he could effortlessly talk about JFK for hours with no notes), we are inclined to believe that this new movie was deliberately designed as a "limited hangout" to reveal nothing that has been discovered over the past 40 years.


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