California Boat Fire- 33 Dead Coding

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California Boat Fire- 33 Dead Coding - I think this event was coded in the Odessa-Midland texas hoax. When Shauna Saxton stated 3 pops came out of the gold car, I think that was coding that the next fake event was 3 days away and the gold car referencing California (Gold Rush State). If I'm reading that correctly, the next event should be tomorrow or Saturday, because she said there was another 3 pops. I think it will be something related to a Fort or Mailing service. I guess we will see if my interpretation is right in the next 24-28 hours. .

I love how the Coast Guard goes right to this boat docked 400 yards away from the Fire, just to get the 5 guys, and putting 2 back. So, I'm still looking at 3 days from this boat incident. However, will the location be Arizona based on Grandpa's hat? I guess we will find out soon.


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