Parkland HS Meets Ft Frauderdale - Annika Dean is Back!!

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Parkland HS Meets Ft Frauderdale - Annika is Back-
Sorry for the re-upload. Anyways, those of you that were awake at the time of the Ft Frauderdale Hoax will recall the Broward County Teacher Annika Dean. I was never ever able to confirm she was a teacher for Broward County, which should have been easy to prove. Anyways, ANNIKA IS BACK! This alleged teacher and Ft Frauderdale Crisis Actor has returned for a new role in the Parkland HS Hoax Shooting! Now shes the mom of a teenager that went to that school......Surprise! Who would have imagined. She's still pressing for Active Shooter Training, which are primarily outsourced to military and Israeli corporations. With the help of Uk Critical Thinker, I will bring everyone up to speed that isn't familiar with Annika and her amazing Ft Frauderdale story, and then dive into her continuing agenda with her new role!


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