The 10,000 Dollar Baller Challenge

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The 10,000 Dollar Baller Challenge. Published on September 3, 2018.
From Eric Dubay’s channel:

Hello my beloved baller friends!
Today, I would like to formally issue my $10,000 Dollar Baller Challenge.

After years of endless searching and trying desperately to at first, refute flat earth and then prove the ball earth hypothesis, I, despite all of my hard work and efforts was UNABLE to find a single shred of factual and irrefutable evidence to support the existence of the spinning ball earth in our reality.

Thus, I am officially calling on ALL ballers(ball earth believers) from all walks of life, no matter the rank, status or position you hold in this world, without exception! Absolutely everyone is welcome, including and especially, scientists, physicists, astrophysicists, astronomers, astronauts, everyone aerospace, NASA, RASA, JAXA, ESA(and every other "space" station and program around the world), mathematicians, architects, engineers, surveyors, pilots, sailors, captains, instructors, professors, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and everyone in between! Yes Masons and Jesuits, you are welcome too.

Goyim and non-goyim. If you (or ANYONE you know) believe that you have what it takes to prove the spinning ball earth mythos to be an incontestable fact of our reality, please read the following carefully!

$10,000(TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS) CASH, WILL BE awarded to ANYONE who can provide ONE piece of FACTUAL and IRREFUTABLE evidence to support two things.
A). The CURVATURE of the alleged spinning ball earth
B). The MOTION of the alleged spinning ball earth

Rules, Terms, and Conditions are pinned in the comment section below and the following forum thread:

Good luck!


Rules, Terms, and Conditions (please read carefully):

Firstly, just to be exceptionally clear,
- concerned with what is actually the case rather than interpretations of or reactions to it
- actually occurring
- of, relating to, or characterized by facts
- of the nature of fact; real; actual
- a thing that is INDISPUTABLY the case
- something that has actual existence
- an actual occurrence

- not capable of being refuted or disproved
- impossible to deny or disprove
- not refutable: incontrovertible

Please keep the definitions of factual and irrefutable in mind when preparing, presenting, and receiving judgement on your evidence! Those two words are the main criteria by which everyone’s evidence will be judged.

1). In the comment section below, present ONE(you can do more if you’d like, but at least one) piece of factual and irrefutable evidence for
a). the curvature and
b). the motion
of the alleged spinning ball earth.

2). Each piece of evidence provided, for both the curvature and the motion MUST BE accompanied by an experiment, test, or method proving and showing the way through which you obtained your result.

3). Your experiment, test, or method must be replicable and the same result must be obtained by myself and others in order for your evidence to be considered.

There are many different kinds of experiments, tests and measurements that anyone should be able to do, to easily prove both the curvature and motion of the alleged spinning ball. If you need some ideas for such experiments, please see some examples below of others attempting to find both the curvature and motion of the alleged spinning ball:

- Bedford Level 1838 (curvature)
- Airy’s Failure 1871 (motion)
- Michelson-Morley 1887 (motion)
- Sagnac 1913 (motion)
- Michelson-Gale 1925 (motion)

4). Your evidence will be evaluated and judged using none other than the SCIENTIFIC METHOD itself!

Just a quick reminder for anyone who has forgotten what the Scientific Method is and how it works:
THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD: a method of research in which
A). a problem is identified,
B). relevant data are gathered,
C). a hypothesis is formulated from these data,
D). the hypothesis is EMPIRICALLY tested and
E). data is analyzed and a conclusion is drawn.

To quickly touch on D - EMPIRICALLY TESTED:
- based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience RATHER THAN THEORY or pure logic
- derived from or guided by EXPERIENCE or EXPERIMENT
- depending upon EXPERIENCE or OBSERVATION

Thus, some examples of evidence that WONT qualify:
- i heard it from...
- i saw it on...
- everyone knows this
- the scientific community says so
- NASA said so
- Neil DeGrasse Tyson said so
- the astronauts said so
- the THEORY of gravity said so
- so and so University said so
- so and so scientist said so
- Donald Pettit or Barry Wilmore filmed this from the "ISS"
- evidence that only the "Hubble Space Telescope" or a "satellite" could see
- evidence that only a certain University or "qualified" group of individuals can produce
- PHOTOS: I hate to rule these out but for the sake of saving time, I am going to. Photos can be easily manipulated and thus will not be considered as evidence.

I will allow video footage as evidence because videos are harder to manipulate. You can attach a fisheye or wide angle lens and make a flat surface look curved(though this trickery will be exposed as soon as the camera pans up and down), but no matter the lens you fasten to your eyeball or camera, you simply CANNOT make a ball look perfectly flat. To make a ball look flat you would have to either use CGI or heavy post production editing and your fraud will be very easily exposed by the pixelation and distortion of pixels where you pulled your curved ball into a flat surface. This gets even more complicated the more the camera pans/tilts up and down. Thus, you can present video footage and it will be evaluated like all other evidence, using the Scientific Method. If we are unable to obtain the same results, your evidence will unfortunately not pass!

Hopefully you get the idea. Your experiments and tests by which you obtained your evidence must be replicated. I care NOT about what ANYONE says or has seen or heard. If I(and anyone) cannot replicate your experiment and come to your same result, your evidence will NOT qualify.

5). To make things more fair and of course interesting, I will have a special guest judge on the panel, none other than the amazing, smart and very talented, the man, the legend himself, Mr. Eric Dubay! He will join me in empirically testing your evidence and providing the final judgment.

Please read the above rules one more time if you have to. Irrefutable facts of reality and the Scientific Method will be the judges of your evidence. Eric and I will simply be delivering the judgement to you.

6). Please check the thread. If your evidence has already been presented and judged, I will likely just tag you under that comment in the interest of saving time. I may address the same evidence a couple times if need be but unfortunately I don’t have time to repeat myself over and over and over again.

7). If you are commenting under someone else’s comment, please understand that reply priority will go to the initial commenter. If there will be extra time, myself or Eric, may respond to additional comments but priority will go to the original commenters. If you want to insure that YOUR evidence is seen, please comment it as a new comment and not as a reply to someone else as it may be missed that way.

Cool. If your evidence hasn’t been addressed by MYSELF or Eric, please consider your case still open. Judgement on your evidence will ONLY count from myself or Eric, not other commenters.

9). To all my religious folks. Please pay attention to this rule! Though I very much do understand where you may be coming from, for the sake of sanity and keeping focus on flat earth, please refrain from religious debates and arguments. Earth is flat regardless of any religious text or religion saying so. Flat earth, has NOTHING to do with religion and everything to do with spirituality(truth), which is of course different. I will be issuing future challenges for various commonly accepted religious beliefs so you will have the opportunity to express yourselves then but for the sake of keeping this thread focused on the topic of flat earth, please refrain from religious discussions here. Thank you!

10). I am doing this challenge to help bring attention to this highly important topic. I am NOT doing it to start fights, attacks or arguments. THEREFORE, please refrain from foul language, attacks, and verbal abuse. If I do notice this happening you will be given ONE warning, after which, if you do not comply, you will be disqualified and blocked! I do NOT want to disqualify or block anyone because I want everyone to have an amazing and positive learning experience from everything that will be discussed so please don’t make me do it. Keep your discussions civil and professional. Thank you!

11). Have an amazing time! This should be fun and enlightening, more than anything. I want everyone to enjoy this so please contribute positively and we will all have a great time together no matter our differences!

12). This isn’t so much a rule but more of a request, if you are inclined to do so, please share this challenge with everyone you know. Together we will make a difference!

If your evidence does NOT qualify or factually and irrefutably prove the spinning ball earth, you will be given an explanation as to why and how that is so. Your evidence will be evaluated based on the criteria above, therefore your explanation will provide the process by which we determined your evidence was NOT valid.

If you DO provide this factual and irrefutable evidence that will once and for all establish that earth is in fact a water bending, ocean curving, spinning, tilting, wobbling and hurtling through infinite space into oblivion BALL, you WILL BE rewarded these $10,000 CASH(yes this is my photo and proof of the existence of the money) because believe me my dear baller friend, if you do, you deserve not just these $10,000 dollars but all of the money in the world that you could possibly ask for. You will be the first person in the history of human existence to prove factually the existence of the spinning ball earth.

For the sake of this challenge however, you will only get $10,000. If you live in the United States and would like a 3 day/2 night trip to Los Angeles, California, I will pay for your travel and stay at The Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills and personally deliver the $10,000 cash to you, filmed live for Facebook and YouTube for the entire world to see. If you are not in the U.S. the money will be either wire transferred to you or converted to bitcoin and sent to you after which I will send you instructions on how to convert it to your home currency.

As a bonus, if you or anyone you know, can demonstrate the bending and/or curving of still water(with a replicable experiment), especially around a spinning ball, you will be awarded an additional $40,000 for a total of $50,000 CASH. I will also reach out to the producers of the top talk shows in LA and ask that they air you and your amazing talent live for the world to see. You will be the first human in the history of humanity to do what the science community claims is happening today, right now, as we speak, with the spinning ball earth!

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