JIM FETZER "The Real Deal" (4-2-19) Crimechurch Charity Fraud,Greg Hallett

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The Real Deal (2 April 2019): ‘Crimechurch Charity Fraud' (HallettFetzer 2 April 2019) exposes the new Nigerian Scam Bad Muslim Crisis Actors Faking Massacres using Dummy Guns, Dummy Bodies, Dummy Blood, and filmed practice runs. Here a Jordanian Agent Hairdresser, not in the Mosque, goes straight to Hospital where he is Photographed in his Controller's Glasses to cover the lack of redness around his eyes. Despite two gunshot wounds to the stomach and hip (10 days in Hospital) he was released two days later, and $46,000 richer, plus his share of the $20 million Muslim Massacre Charity Fraud. Mainstream TV Interviews 'Carl Pomare Witness' finishes with "Thanks for the joke". The Deputy Police Commissioner uses Bible reference 4:4050 to alert those in the know that the sirens and women are wailing, but their sons are alive, and even gives the time 12 p.m., then states where Christ is from and where he is now. It's code, and All Codes should be revealed.


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