Detoxing After The Vaxcine and Preventing Vaxxed Making You Sick

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May 14, 2021✨?✨(4 min 30 sec)
Nutrition Protocol to Prevent Damage from Spike Protein and Derivatives due to Quackccination and to Protect from Viral Shedding:
Zinc (30-80mg per day depending on immunological pressure)
Vitamin D3 (10,000 IU’s daily)
Quercetin (500-1000 mg, twice daily)
Iodine (dosage depends on brand)
PQQ (20-50mg daily)
Pine Needle Tea for shikimic acid or shikimate (from green edible pine needles) There are toxic pine needles, be careful! When drinking pine needle tea, drink the oil/resin that accumulates too!


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