Six White Men and a Little wee Man - MEH - Half Right is good enough

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Oh Boy! Its a ruse. I am not sure what clips belong to who or where I got them from so thank you to all involved for sharing!

So we have seen the lil man in pink shirt with cop when he was breaking out windows. Well he turned up as well at another staged event and assume more if I were to keep looking. The man in video I tagged as "look at later" may be same guy who was interviewed but a YT channel after he said he was threatened by a motorcycle club and was in fear for his life. He has a VERY distinct hook on end of nose but I didnt d/l a HQ version. I might later or if anyone wishes to do so, the clips names are "Minnesota Riots The six white men" and "National Guard ACTING As Protesters To Incite Violence" by unicorn riot YT. I think ;)

Comments and suggestion so we can keep digging more into this fraud.


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