Mark Barden Played 2 Roles At Sandy Hook.

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I went over to Vimeo to get a fresh screen capture of Barry Soetoro's video Newtown Nuke. Darn it .. it's gone. David Wheeler played a Swat Team guy along with Neil Heslin, Mark Barden, Dean Pinto, Lenny Pozner, Robbie Parker & probably a few others acting as police officers and Swat Team members. They only appear briefly but if you look carefully they're right in front of you. I guess the only way to get a better quality clip of Mark Barden is to look for old news coverage. The best clip I've ever seen was when he passed by a yellow school bus. I hope I can find it. Sandy Hook was a HUGE SLOPPY HOAX and the people who participated in the scam are the scum of the earth.


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