NURSE-Planned COVID Crisis Next Week

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Indeed! Round 2 on its way. Covid is going to be used to track and trace. To begin the final stages of the beast system thats being built. The one coming who will sit and claim he is the most high will use this.
This is not a mark or allegiance to anything. Those taking the mark will do so by free will and worship. Those people have s choice where as we "may not". This dont remove or alter Christ blood and its promise! There are 66+ books in the bible. This is all in the last one as well as some of the prophets like Daniel. Dont be deceived.. Read them all!
Luther summed it up well here when he saw the light- "The righteous shall live by faith." Justification comes as a gift under grace.. not than any may boast. Much love!
If there is any who dont understand where the virus/vax is going may suggest begin here.
In last link specifically -
And any of the last of the Whitney.Webb series.
This is the REAL reason for this mess.

God Bless!
Eph 6:12 - 1 Tim 4:9-11 - Luke 10:25-28 1 Cor 15:20-28


WTC Scorpio 2 hours ago
Much thanks to WTC Scorpio for find originals! See comments


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