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Aug 10, 2023
The TGA finally admit myocarditis is an autoimmune response which means the vaccine causes autoimmune issues. Given biodistribution studies showed vaccine lipids entered all body organs this means all organs are at risk of autoimmune responses.

No wonder Pfizer didn’t test for autoimmune responses in their trials!

Is it just me or do others struggle to remember any mention of Covid causing myocarditis before the vaccine rollout.

I seem to recall the initial hysteria was around Covid causing cytokine storms and respiratory problems with lots of pictures of people (young people at that) lying in bed with a ventilator struggling to breathe. Not pictures of people clutching hearts.

Furthermore and I’m annoyed I didn’t ask this question how do health authorities know that people who had Covid didn’t actually get myocarditis from the vaccine given most of the adult population was vaccinated.

It’s all to convenient to blame myocarditis on Covid, yet the authorities never tested the distribution and degradation of the vaccine spike protein so how can they rule out the vaccine having caused myocarditis for those who caught Covid.

Let’s not forget the vaccine was codon optimised to increase the expression of spike protein, and the lipids were designed to enter all cells not just those with an ACE receptor. Given these enhancements increased the potency of the vaccine, I fail to see how the vaccine isn’t more toxic and dangerous than the virus.

Finally, the TGA claim only 2 in 100,000 doses cause myocarditis from the vaccine. This is rubbish . That would mean only 1,200 people in Australia have myocarditis. I myself have spoken to hundreds of people who got it after the vaccine.


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