Trump to end child trafficking? Call for death penalty for all involved.

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Trump The Father of the Vaccine by his own admission who is responsible for the deaths of millions and life long debilitating injuries for many more, calls for the death penalty for child trafficking, touting the movie The Sound of Freedom. How can anyone forget all of those that he has been associated with for the same thing? This YouTube video ran for 3:11 of course I’m going to point that out they like to leave their fingerprints. 3x11= 33. The producers of this movie have ties to the worlds elites, who are responsible for what the movie claims to be against, some are claiming because of this movie that many are waking up to child trafficking, I can assure you they are not waking up to it anymore than they are the Coronavirus hoax, anytime someone says conspiracy theory they will scatter and flee
like the bleating sheep they are. Please weigh in and give your opinion on this. Donald Trump is a deceiver.


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