Lahaina Maui Fires Electricity Was OFF - Water Was NOT OFF - MSM & Alt Media Both Are Lying!!! edit5

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Lahaina Maui Fires Electricity Was OFF - Water Was NOT OFF - MSM & Alt Media Both Are Lying!!! edit5

Since Lahaina has come back in the discussion in the last month. I am hoping THIS TIME people will NOT be fooled again with all the psyop lies that tricked them 9 months ago.. My vids are clear with more research than the goofballs spreading psyops lies research around to trick everyone. Let me be CLEAR... this was NOT a natural fire, But so many people were spreading lies about it to DISTRACT and trick everyone from finding out the truth. And also to make us truthers look crazy and dumb... it worked.. lets learn from it NOW and not do that again. Lets look at Lahaina fires again with fresh eyes guys...Drop the blue blue blue 24/7 mantra like a broken record lie... drop the thousands of children kidnapped lie and the yellow school buses lie. Drop the Power lines caused the fire lie, electricity WAS off and not on. Drop the water was off LIE the water was NOT off. Drop the hundreds of dead bodies in the water lie, guys guys, that water was shallow deep which I show in a few vids that I made discussing that issue. Front street cars was the ONLY area showing a line up of burned cars, nowhere else. Meaning most of the town DID finally get out, thank god, even though the police blocked them from leaving and trying to escape. Ironically the fires and smoke got so bad the police that held people in trying to escape, they themselves the police abandoned their posts which allowed all the blocked in cars to get out also.. Ironic huh? Cops tried to block them from leaving and they failed, cause even THEY had to leave cause it got so bad.

I am Reposted MY VID From 8 Months Ago Again... Proving the 24/7 Broken Record Mantra of BLUE BLUE BLUE was a LIE/Trick/Deception/Distraction/Psyop >>>>>>>


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