Dammegarding & FirstNet

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Well, FirstNet finally released a press release that will award Arkansas with over half a Billion in equipment and services. The Noblesville MS Shooting hoax went down shortly after Noblesville became the first city in Indiana to start FirstNet. So, when I saw that and recalled the FBI threat claim, I had a bad feeling that they were planning something big in Arkansas, and probably near Little Rock. This could also turn into another claim that they "Prevented" a mass shooting, just like Fort Worth did after I predicted that they would hold one with connections to the Postal service or tied down to the word Fort based on the script Shauna Saxton kept spewing and the way the guy switched from the "GOLD" CAR (Which is when the pulled the California Boat Fire Hoax days later), and then into the Postal van. I'll try to stomach watching Yesterday's FAKE shooting, and maybe do a video. I have others that I want to get out soon.


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