George Floyd Magic Trick Blunder

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They blew it. They shouldn’t have even tried to show the 3 officers behind the car. The officers right leg is in that position throughout the entire video. When they show the blurry video you see his right leg going across his lower back, This means that the scene was probably staged "before" they did the real take. However, these fools forgot to have his legs in the same position. Pure STUPIDITY. This was a DIRTY FILTHY MAGIC TRICK. We all love being entertained by a magician who pulls a rabbit out of the hat, amazes us with card tricks etc. etc. etc. This was pure disgusting GARBAGE. All of these HOAXSTERS should be thrown in jail. The damage that this scam of a video has caused to our cities is all their fault, The people who paid them to do it should be executed for treason. They are pure EVIL.


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