Swine Flu Fakery- ver.G ZOONOSE, No Really -Be Vewy Skert

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I called this for this weekend of the 4th celebration in the us of a. 3 days early. I was close.
So we now have a new tool to use as a weapon on the minds of the masses. Following this will be the vax which will cover both this and the covid. The pressure is on now. things will move very quick over next 3-4 days then gain massive steam after the new week begins. I have not been wrong yet :/ Sadly
Heres some nonsense to go see what MSM is saying. Trying to find some obscure sources who make many errors in their fake news releases. << That pages refreshes to a old story.. it may be down by time you get there :/
And last but not least.. lets hear from the TROLL Fauci--
PS. Bring on the FAKE MEAT!!!! Watch for it!!!!!!!!
Check out this search. Nothing came up under "fake" so I put it in every other word. Here.. look for yourself. NOTHING!!! <<< LMAO!
This "Doctor" reminds me of the Coroner from SandyHoax!


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