The Real Reason for mRNA Injections

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They wanted us to believe that mRNA didn’t modify the DNA but they lied, research shows that it does. But why did they modify it with ingredients called Lucifer? This video helps to explain that.

Its all part of a spiritual war, such as the fake terror attack of 9/11 that uploaded a perception to the masses that those who live around the Holy Land are radical and dangerous and must be killed. Except for the nation of Israel of course because they fly the flag of the "Mark of the Beast", for the Holy Land has already been taken over.

Another example of spiritual warfare is the fake pandemics such as the Spanish Flu, Swine Flu, H1N1, and of course the Great CONVID. The unspoken and uploaded perception to the masses is that the Creator is ether trying to kill off some of his own creations or is accidentally doing so, but the satanic ruling class has the answer (to the illusions that they create) with their ungodly injections. From an evil and diabolical perspective its brilliant. They create the perception of disease in the minds of the masses and then pretend to be the saviors of humanity, which is the only reason humanity has not wiped them off the face of the earth... yet.

Whatever a person’s perception about the DNA God Code might be, probably the majority of people would agree that allowing the Satanic Elite to manipulate the very essence of humanity’s DNA with ingredients called Lucifer, is not acceptable.


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