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This lady ask that pass this to all churches etc. Most of them have been 501c.3 into submission so thats a nogo. The rest are lead by a pastor who wont get involved with anything he didnt learn in his college.
So much for moving from milk to meat eh? So... Lets just pass this around and post it where it can be seen. I have a book of posty notes that I drop urls on with a short description that may get someone to go watch it. Might be YOUR video.. so make them for all to understand ;)

Whatever your thoughts are on the vax being pushed remember this, china didnt use one. It went from infected to cured by mid august. So theres that for an argument with someone who thinks they understand how this started! Remember to use full armor of God Paul told us about in EPH 6:9-. Make no mistake, without it the deceptions coming may overwhelm the best of us! Grace and Peace to you from God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ.
We dont need dead baby parts in us to cure anything..
See 7grains video on this subject out today.. If its gone by now, I will upload it here tomorrow. Cheers


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