Dear Deep State Democrats

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"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

in less a years time. We have handed control of nearly everything in our lives to the government.
In many places, they are telling us when we can leave our homes and when we must return to them.
They have decided what events or religious services we can attend, how many people are allowed to be there and which businesses are allowed to stay open.

In the process, the global economy has crashed with the assistance of the media stirring everyone into a mass panic.

---Millions of stimulus money is being spent on active measures including propaganda and surveillance with the goal of bringing communities in-line with COVID-19 protocols, abatement measures and the potential benefits of a vaccine. For example, Los Angeles County used millions in federal CCP-CV19 relief dollars, meant to help struggling Californians stay afloat during extended, pandemic related economic lock-downs, to fund no-bid contracts with two public relations agencies who recruited “celebrity influencers” to help spread CCP-CV19 messaging on social media. The firms are responsible for drafting press releases and talking points, sending text messages saying face masks are mandatory for you to wear and creating social media messaging, and developing a social media listening program to monitor public perception on how L.A. County is handling the pandemic.

Two PR firms hired to guide the county’s CV19 messaging and are using federal CARES Act money to offset part of the cost of their contracts which was total $2.9 million..

L.A. County Used Federal Relief Funds To ‘Recruit Celebrity Influencers’ For CCP-CV19 PR Campaign

The communists are fully engaged in the democrat"s election efforts, only as a mean to to their ends.

Communist Party USA / Political Action Commission|
-- People power: At the ballot box and beyond
August 19, 2020

"The Communist Party USA, can decide what the post-election climate of struggle will look like: will we be fighting for our lives or for the advanced demands we need? The goal of the Communist Party USA is to change what is possible in this given moment with the movement we can and continue to build. The 2020 elections aren’t about getting Biden elected as president. This is mainly about defeating a right-wing agenda in the United States."

"Defeating the far right at the ballot box across the nation at all levels of government will allow for more advanced struggles. The struggle for universal health care, education, and the right to housing and jobs will not develop beyond its current stage if the far right maintains a foothold in the state. Communists must develop real links with the working class, and this cannot be done by sitting out the elections."

"Communists must strive to be where workers are, not where we want them to be. Working in the elections, the mass movement for Black lives, and other progressive mass organizations is one of the primary ways the Communist Party develops organic ties to the masses."

"Progressive working-class organizations will engage in the electoral battle, depending on their own needs and goals. As Communists, we must work with these mass organizations and seek to build real organic ties. Sitting out elections won’t aid in the political development of workers. Elections are a time to educate ourselves and the working class"

"A defeat of Trump and a large portion of the right wing will allow the progressive working-class movement to go on the offensive."

"The Young Communist League has a vital role in mobilizing young voters. The CCP-CV19 will shape the politics of millions of Americans for generations to come. Mobilizing workers doesn’t end at the elections. Collecting contact information of the people met through organizing is vital for future struggles."


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