Children Of The Future - Once Upon A Time We Had Blue Skies and Lived Free

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MRR From Mike Decker- Not sure which account this was downloaded from but its mike for sure. If you have the channel-s- he still has on YT, please post them here for others.
TY to stacyskywatch for find authors YT page -- Mike Decker 307
This was in my drop box and when I first started viewing it I thought the skies were all green screened in!! How sad is that I have forgotten what a REAL sky looks like from not many years ago!
Sad days we live in.
The master of this Eon is doing his job very well. A far cry from the gardens on previous versions of earth. This will change soon.. Very well described in many of the prophets in the Hebrew sections of the scriptures.
After Christ has taken control back and placed the evil one-s- in chains for his millennial reign, His kingdom in new Jerusalem and lands adjacent will be of great beauty. Waters flowing for healing of the nations and Firstfruits to feed them. Calling back to the old ways He will ask for rituals to begin again and the nations will do so or be without.. without even rain.
As a believer be thankful for Christ and his work for us on the cross. He gave us salvation of being absent from presence of God and will call us out of the coming indignation by our Fathers Grace. We stand justified BECAUSE OF CHRIST FAITH in His Father and God.
Our righteousness is reckoned, same as Abraham for our FAITH. Do not loose this!
We should all be thankful in all things now and try to understand his will so we can best serve it and be as Christ and Paul call themselves "Slaves" To/For him.
Even tho our skies are mud and the food is posion along with water that kills house plants, we can rest sure that this is going to end well. Not for those doing the evil things but those who have lost the stubbornness toward our Father and recognized his son. coming to the FULL realization of the truth takes faith... it doesnt take a church building or a man telling you this or that or squabble about "HOW MUCH FAITH", it is just simple faith.. When in doubt.. Read about Abraham and his previous life as Abram. There is much to learn there about faith and the almighty power it gives us. Toward our Father it finds us Righteous and deserving of his reward and love for us.
Please read and investigate daily.. There are 66 books along with 4 others, Maccabees , Jasher, Jubilees and Enoch. In these last 4 will you find Gods Authority, His word and His people and their history. Mistakes and all. This give us a solid 43 books of history of Israel/Bride and the rest on Christ life and the entrance of the Gentiles/Jews to Christ body. Find where you fit and cherish it!

God Bless!
Eph 6:12-On Spirit, 1 Tim 4:9-11-On Salvation, Luke 10:25-28-On Duty, 1 Cor 15:20-28-On Order




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