Crisis Actor can’t stop smiling and laughing, New Zealand, Christchurch hoax

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Here’s a woman who claims to have lost her 14 year old half-brother, Sayyad Milne, and she’s got herself a nice spot on a TV hoax propaganda segment just 3 days after the New Zealand, Christchurch hoax shooting. Of course, not a single tear drop is released, but instead it’s all dupers delight, smiles, laughing, grinning, smirking and fawning adoration of Islam, and pushing mix-race Muslim children as “typical Kiwi”, as well as really goofy stupid statements, but no grief at all. I often wonder what percentage of the public really buy this type of emotionally driven TV brainwashing.

UPDATE: It looks like the boy, Sayyad Milne, has gone to Singapore after faking his own death in New Zealand terror hoax. No wonder his half sister is so joyful and doesn’t seem to give a damn about her little brother being "shot to bits"! She’s getting paid loads and he’s got a new life in Singapore with his family. I found this interesting article in the Singapore straits times website that gives it away. He has loads more family there and wanted to live there as the article says:

“Sayyad, who was born in New Zealand, had visited Singapore three times - his last trip here was for two months last December. During these visits, Sayyad, his twin siblings, Shuayb and Cahaya, both 16, and his mother would stay with Mr Khairul’s [his cousin’s] family in their three-room Housing Board flat in Telok Blangah. . .Mr Khairul said Sayyad was reluctant to return to New Zealand during his last visit to Singapore. But Mr Khairul told him to finish his high school education in New Zealand and said he could come back to Singapore to continue his studies.”

Here’s the full article:

Another article shows there is a massive immigration scam promised as rewards for being a traitorous crisis actor, as they want to bring over loads of their worthless relatives to New Zealand and get them all immediate permanent residency.

Full article here:

Here are two more older similar interesting related videos linked below to watch for false flag hoax bad actor awards.

This goofy girl claims to have been in the Paris Bataclan theatre hoax massacre where 89 people were “gunned down”, yet she can’t stop laughing, flirting with the presenter and smirking, as well as not even knowing where she was shot:

And Peekay’s exposure of her lies here:

This next one claims her “brother” was also in the Paris Bataclan theatre hoax, but she also has a terrible script that she seems to be struggling to remember, and she’s also clearly in disguise, with a wig, fake teeth and what looks like prosthetic cheeks.


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