Dan Lasater - Cocaine Distributor Close Clinton Friend - Destroyed in Hearings

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Watch Dan Lasater get completely destroyed by Michael Chertoff. Lasater was a close personal friend of Bill Clinton in Arkansas in the 1980's and was instrumental in getting Clinton back into the Governor's seat of power in 1983, after he had lost it in 1981... reportedly from too much partying. Little did anyone at the time know though... that the real PARTY was about to begin! Think about this... Lasater said he never sold cocaine, and he was never convicted of Trafficking it... just Distribution of it, or "giving it away". There are stories of wild parties at Lasater's mansion, with ashtrays in all the rooms, just filled with cocaine... This is what he was convicted of... So there's a couple of interesting things to think about here... First off, he's RICH, so sure, he can afford to "give away" cocaine... But the quantities reportedly being given away are quite HUGE, which begs the question... WHERE did he get such quantities, being in the middle of Arkansas, of all places??? Mena? Barry Seal? Roger Clinton, Bill's brother? Roger Clinton, just happened to have worked for Lasater(just a coincidence huh) and he too was busted for Cocaine, in yet another coincidence. Lasater paid a Cocaine debt for Roger Clinton once, when Roger said his stash was stolen from his car, and the Dealers were threatening him and his brother Bill Clinton.


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