4th of July Human Rights Amendment Edition

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This show covers it all, the lies in the media about COVID-19, the CDC manipulation of statistics, planned Govt. Anarchy in many cities, and the need for a Human Rights Amendment! No one has the right to force vaccinate, or force COVID-19 test a US Citizen! It is a violation of 1,2,4,5 Amendments and the Nuremberg Code! This 4th of July we saw massive Fireworks all over. People are frustrated with lack of liberty in this socially isolating age! William Barr fired Geoffrey Berman for political reasons or to rig justice for Trump, I discuss Gates big Rockefeller plans to depopulate, George Soros backed Black Lives Matter funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, and much more! It is as if wearing masks and tearing down statues is a jihadist attack on our Nation’s freedoms!


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