That's just what they want you to think

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Sal Coldanato is the master of reality who said these fake covert action influence operations are easily proven to be real. Just go to where they live. Go to their towns,see who is not around anymore. TerribleTim says feast your ears on the new Sal Calodonato TerribleTim ditty which is the Secondonato. Sal will teach us to trust the system. No one should question the US corporation and their known proven crime partners in the establishment media. And as Pauline D Herveuax aka Pauline Murphy whose mind and perceptions are the property of the state indicated...That's just what they want you to think. But no one nailed it better than Michelle Conrad albeit in jest when she messaged TerribleTim saying that "nothing really ever happens."

The default reply from anyone who is confronted with video and pictorial evidence that cannot be debunked is usually "I don't care" or "I don't give a f**k." Assthony Anus aka Anthony Ennis and Kevin Gootee made sure to send that message to TerribleTim just as two local examples of this paradigm. Another local guy who identifies as a local comedian Joe Rombi JR. after having been presented with clear and obvious proof of fakery will still say something like... Yeah but what about the little boy who was killed? That is how bad it is. This is the mass collective delusion where the spell cannot be broken.


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