Burnsville, MN Shooting Hoax - Crisis Actors Fresh out of the Oven

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Developing Story. How about the depth of the knowledge of the details by the woman? She corrects the guy on the flare gun and is familiar with the term "tactical team" and knows what one looks like and what they do. How about that for a random bystander?

Looks like they’re going to work the domestic violence red flag law angle and Americans as domestic terrorists. Time will tell.

They’re claiming the shooter shot up the window of an armored SWAT vehicle.

I see a potential Oscar nomination for the imitation of gunfire sound by the guy who sounds like he was just dropped off in Minnesota on one of Greg Abbott’s buses.

Live developing coverage on Fox:

AP Story:

Remember, they cannot get to the Great Reset dystopia they have planned if Americans are heavily armed. Do Not Comply.

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