Port Arthur to Christ Church Part 3

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Watching how the elitists work, planning over decades, centuries ahead, and joining the dots. 1996 Port Arthur Massacre is widely known now to have been a government sponsored black psychological trauma "event" as a prelude to disarming the law-abiding populace painlessly. Not a lone gunman despite patsy and mk ultra victim Bryant sitting in jail for 35 consecutive life sentences while very few stand up for him. A retired Victorian policeman told me in 2001 (even before sept 11) that T.H.E.Y (the hierarchy enslaving you) were disarming the developed world nations in preparation for martial law takeover of the people by 2015-2016. I thought he was mad way back then, but as they practiced martial law on the people of Boston after the bombing hoax in 2013, I remembered his prophecy. Now I see they took NZ in less than two weeks-I don't know what's coming but it's not good - as many as possible need to pull out, stop supporting the system where you can, pull away, do things differently, free yourselves and start new real community connections. Thanks steemit/dtube/153news for at least a place to share whats going on


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