Dayton Hoax - Shooter Died 2014

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Dayton Hoax - Shooter Died 2014 - The REAL Connor had a brother, so this could be pics of his brother (but I think they did photoshopping to make him look slightly different. Bottom line is there is no way that this Connor who died, with the last name BETTS (not very common name) ALSO had a sister named Megan which also looked a whole lot like Megan Betts that was shot by Connor in Dayton! The odds of that are so ridiculously impossible that there was no way I could have calculated that statistical possibility because the numbers would be larger than my calculator can show! This is just as stupid as them claiming Dion's dad WAS in jail, but not now, hours after they were busted by JG!

For those who claim this 2014 Obit was fake and fabricated on August 4th, here is the proof you are wrong:
Video of a guy capturing it on archive, and there was one hit several months prior:
Keep in mind archive doesn't capture everything. I've had to do captures manually because I've had a genealogy site that didn't get captured for years!
If you want proof that the 2014 Connor died in a farm accident, go read the papers just before his death. One youtuber captured the newspaper article on the accident:

I've been doing research on people for a LONG-LONG time, way before I started documenting hoaxes on video. So, I know what I'm doing MATT. If you think some obituary is fake, then you should have some solid evidence outside of


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