INVERTED CROSS on PEDO Priest for Sex Abuse Fund AD!?!?! #Pizzagate #Pedogate TRUTH

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how sick is that?! blatantly in our faces yet the ignorant people of the US will not even notice!!
the 'fund' which shuts down any lawsuits is run by Kenneth Feinberg!! I showed this just days ago and then, just days later...Baltimore Catholic Bishop Conference takes place and they COMPLETELY IGNORE THE SEX ABUSE REPORT, REFORMS, ETC!! WHY? cause it's now bought, covered up and NOBODY WILL FACE CHARGES!!
the lead pervert in this cover up, Cardinal McCarrick now lives in Kansas and right next door to a public elementary school!! here's the latest on him via this conference of Bishops:
Bishops angered by scandal involving ex-Cardinal McCarrick
November 14, 2018
BALTIMORE (AP) — At a national assembly focused on the sex-abuse crisis, numerous U.S. Roman Catholic bishops called Wednesday for a formal repudiation of Theodore McCarrick, the ex-cardinal facing allegations of sexual misconduct over a long stretch of his career.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, nearing the close of its three-day meeting, has been striving to show a commitment to combating clergy sex-abuse even though the Vatican ordered it to delay votes on two key anti-abuse proposals.

While the abuse scandal has affected many dioceses nationwide, the bishops appeared to be most angered and embarrassed by McCarrick, who allegedly abused and harassed youths and seminarians over many years as he rose to be archbishop of Washington and a member of the College of Cardinals until his removal by Pope Francis in July.

Several investigations, including one at the Vatican, are underway to determine who might have known about and covered up McCarrick's alleged misconduct. The U.S. bishops expressed eagerness to learn details of the Vatican probe but defeated a motion pressing for access to information uncovered in that process.


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