12/13/18 NOLA City Hall DELAYS 5G due to HealthConcerns After Activists Appeal + How To

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Arriving to the City Hall meeting flustered because we could not print out al of the agenda items in time since some were in gibberish, and concerned about some of the ambiguous language included in the legislation including "crowd management technology, ETC." as well as the health implications to humanity over increasing already dangerous and potentially lethal tech to a population that is already overly inundated.

City Hall listens to our testimony and questions and TAKES ACTION.

Then the following are amongst the links we have sent them at this second round of City Hall Smart City "Planning" Meetings. DEPLOYMENT IS COMING SOON IF YOU DO NOT HELP US. The child you save may be you or your own!

For JUST the City Hall Presentation, you may go HERE:

Check out the HOW the Bay area and specifically Mill Valley stopped the Fed Rollout Deployment in its tracks:

For 5G Bans, Health Dangers, & Docs...


Bay Area

Europe & Others


Document Shows Military Knows of Negative Health Effects of EMF:


Cancer Links:

Links & Sources of Evidence of Weaponization of EMF:

Climate Warming Effects of Microwave Radiation Proliferation from Ground to Ionospheric Levels:


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