Why FakeX Had to Sell its Soul

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6.9 billon given to this putz to fake space/mars! When "F_elon" musk, gave into the "system" and turned over ALL his corporations data to the 2 letter crowd, he sold out. Then he got paid. Door was opened to play at the big boy table. The next generation of fakery has a sponsor and its name is SPACEX! At some point, we wont be able to spot the BS CGI as well as now. See a few of my other videos on this. was taken down and have not been able to get 90% of them back up.
Elon sold out. He let them take control of him and the strings are in place.
Nasa is on its way out and this cartoon network puppet will be the new "space" guy. Wait for it..
He sold way more than his company out, he sold out humanity! Watch the facts.
Peace and show some love =)


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