Chabad "Shooter" Family CONNECTED to TSA and DHS

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Background on "shooter" relative who works for Disney as an actor and for CBS;

Also see;
... An illustration of the lengths that Google has gone to, to hide the truth from the public. This censorship gives insight into exactly what it is most important for corrupt officials to lie to the public about - and why.

As of 2018, six years later, all of the adult Sandy Hook "victims" have been found alive, living under clear and provable aliases.

Sandy Hook "dead principal" now has a new job at another school;


While the photographs you saw were of real children who are still alive, the NAMES we all were given, were of children who were never born;

FBI Confirms No One Died;

Federal Death Master File records also confirm none of the children died;

Get the Free Fact-Filled Book;

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