VGB Live #1 Creativity Pontifex Maximus Discussing Gay Mafia, Paedophilia Government Corruption

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First Live VGB show. Victims of Speical Gay Police and Special Jewish Shorim Police sit down for a chat.
Time: 09/12/2015 02:00 AM EDT
Episode Notes: Reverend Cailen Cambeul, Pontifex Maximus of the Church of Creativity joins us to talk about his history and experience calling corrupt politicians to account for the State of South Australia long history of protecting pedophiles in high places. The pedophile ring in South Australia was/is known as "The Family". Cailen will also talk about his persecution under racial vilification laws by an elite Jewish extremist minority group, and their police stooges. Our Guest's page: What the Government calls bikie gang laws: Luke's youtube / scribd OTO Persecution of Legg & Devine for being against the religion of "gay anal sex magick to open the gates of hell, and boy rape & murder - Hermit Triad XI in Blood and Slime Sodomy Sex magick" Daily Stormer Jew Infutrator talking about Garry Burns Gay Jew Front Aleph Works with Garry Burns - Michael Barnett it's head always sindicates Garry Burns threats to "chopp of Bernard Gaynor's balls" Incest Supporting Pedo Judge Garry Neilson: Fairfax saying kids need to learn about Anal Sex and told to try out faggotry. Young girl complains she didn't learn about gay sex Gay FOI Officer Richard Hanson who blogs about his public sex crimes, who threatened my father on behalf of Cathherine Burns for his FOI (on tape and on letterhead) before Garry's malicious prosecution - Interview with my father that inspired the gays to take action for his critizim of special gay sex police More evidence to be released shortly in a new radio show including his audio samples of his threats to target my father. Catherine Burns Running to Mosad: Victory in Tess Corbett Case: Katter Party persecuted by Queers - Audio on youtube. - My dad's scribd exposing Garry. The Story on Lincoln Tan, Singapore Queer Journalist praising fake tranny refugees who marry jews (see comments) Next week...


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