MattyD Preview: Child Sex Abuse Report - Pittsburgh Shooting - Tallahassee Shooting +

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made this today outside the gym in Kansas until I get home tomorrow in NJ, in which I plan on uploading some of the videos I mentioned here that have been removed.

I show saved screen shots I have about Israel, Saudi Arabia using Israeli tech to round up dissidents on foreign soil then we had the missing/killed journalist. I show Jesuit cover up connections for this church sex abuse report which is/has been coming out of Philadelphia PA and a couple youtubers who are assisting that being hidden while making money off the pizzagate psyop cover up. I have a lot more to reupload so for this site I decided to make this video to simply give you a preview of what I've been recently censored for from liveleak.

thanks gang, I'll be uploading just a couple more I recently made over last 2 days while visiting family in KS while finding out liveleak has been terminating me for showing the real Israeli connections in such events.


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