Nacy Pelosi dancing with & Obama flying with the next Epstien: Terry Bean (blocked on Youtube)

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Two people have been prosecuted for trying to expose the Terry Bean child abuse coverup. It has many parralells with Epstien case with victims being paid to be quiet and people being jailed (or facing jail in 2020 in the case of John Christopher Sunol for exposing it! We'll he didn't he just linked to my former wordpress ahem censored blog but still they found him guilty for what I wrote.
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The court has ruled it's a hate crime to say Obama has gay pedophile friends here where you can See Terry Bean and Obama's picture on the Australian government site
Here is Obama calling Terry Bean my dear friend:
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This video was Mirrored because Jewtube (hint CEO) has done election meddling and blocked it from it's original location from an American audence without telling the uploader!
If it was blocked for you too, post screenshots on twitter and comment.
There was collusion between Terry Bean and his lawyers and Garry Burns in Australia. The court case started 4 months after we did the blog post AFTER Terry Bean paid of the victims so the gay press could say their "queer hero" Terry Bean was exhonorated, and the judgement was "put into Reserve" for a record 2.5 years and was only published 1 month after Terry Bean got off after treating a child's ass as property damage and paid off the child 230k of which the lawyer kept 200. There is also a second rape victim, and his boyfriend is already serving time for raping the same boy. Please see my twitter media section for the boys victim statement or contact me if you need it.
Shorlty I will expose @garryburnsblog the person who says it's a hate crime against gays to say "Obama has gay pedophile friends" and all of his links to pedophilia in a special with professor James Fetzer and release our 2017/2 talk for the first time on Garry Burns I've kept in reserve. Stay tuned and Subscribe.

P.S. The Governer of Portland Ted said Terry Bean was responsible for the Equality Act that got the only Bakery in Portland with Bible Verses on their Website Sweet Cakes by Melissa sued for not baking the cake. We have the video and the proof. Also the judge in that case Brad Avakarian was paid for by Terry Bean's @basicrights Oregon that blocked me when I mentioned them on twitter. They think nothing is wrong with there statement that the best gay - a queer hero - is a gay that rapes children, and they don't want to take it back. This will be exposed on a broadcast with Ryan Dawson in the near future going over all the Zionist links in the Sunol & Oregon Bureau of Labor case.


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