URGENT Hydras as AI Remote Control GO Delivery Devices (Economist 2020)

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HYDRA are remote GO ĺnano delivery devices

In this 2020 vid from the Economist (who always predict the future). Hydras are mentioned IN THE CONTEXT OF MIND CONTROL as part of the 6bn Brain Initiative Project.

The Hydras are FULLY NEORON MAPPED AND CAN BE REMOTE CONTROLLED. This means they are injecting us with Hydras they can use as GO or nano delivery devices or as a kill switch.

PLEASE NOTE they have been discussing using parasites as delivery mechanisms in these vaccines for years.

They are made from stem cells which can be easily manipulated to regrow body organs/muscle etc with graphene scafolding, I think that’s the idea?
"The real Hydra has regenerative capacities that surpass those of its mythological namesake. When it is dismembered, any fragment of its body can regenerate to form a completely new individual, and it can even remain alive after its entire nervous system has been lost. Researchers in Switzerland now report that it does so by adapting its skin cells to make them behave more like neurons."

Hydra genetically reprograms skin cells after losing its nerve


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